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SES Opportunities

NASA's Senior Executive Service (SES) vacancies are available for you to review on USAJOBS. Once there, you can search using a variety of criteria. You may also save your SES job search, so that you will automatically be notified of new opportunities.

As of October 1, 2005, we are accepting electronic applications for all SES positions. We have partnered with the Office of Personnel Management to provide a seamless application process, to include using the USAJOBS resume as the basic application document. Although you may continue to submit hard copy applications, we encourage you to use the electronic process, which we believe you will find easy to use.

SES application packages require submission of narrative qualifications information. You must submit this additional information in order to receive consideration. The ‘How to Apply’ section of the SES vacancy announcements provides details on application procedures. Information on the NASA SES application requirements is also available in our on-line Applicant Guide.

For additional information about Senior Executive Service available on the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's Senior Executive Service (SES) website at, click here.